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Generated manifest.json

{ "manifest_version": 2, "name": "Example Website Name", "description": "Appmark link to Example Site.", "version": "1.0", "icons": {"128": "appmarkicon.png"}, "app": { "urls": [""], "launch": {"web_url": ""} }, "permissions": [ "unlimitedStorage", "notifications" ] }


Step 1

Upload an icon and specify the name, description, and url for the website you want to make an "appmark" to.

Step 2

Download the generated .zip file (default is and extract it to a new folder.

Step 3

In Chrome Settings, go to Tools » Extensions or navigate to chrome://extensions. In the top right, toggle Developer Mode to turn it on.

Step 4

Click the newly revealed Load Unpacked Extension button (shown below) and select the folder you unzipped to.

Load Unpacked Extension

Voila. Check your New Tab page for the Appmark.